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Freelance Marketers Needed.

Becoming our freelance marketer gives you opportunity to work at your own space, time and schedule. All you care about is getting result, and honestly that’s exactly what we care about too. So you can work with us.

There are five portfolios you can market and make handsome income from. You may focus on one, but if you’ve gotten the capacity, talents and drive to get clients in all, then why not. The more deals you close, the higher your income. You can work from any part of the country.

Read the expectations on each of the portfolios below and apply accordingly. We’ll discuss the details including commission after we receive you application.

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Full Time/Part Time

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Job Type :

Freelance Marketing

Experience :

You must just be at least 18yrs old

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April 08, 2021

Real Estate Marketing Option

Service Apartment facility in Lagos, both Mainland and Island. Good for expatriates, tourists, overseas returnees, socialites and the likes.

Properties for sale. This includes already-built structures and land for outright sales. Also you can bring in clients who have properties to sell so that we can enlist such on various portals

You may as well get clients who need rent. Such rent could be for office space, shop, shelter, warehouse, and the like.

You may get clients who are interested in building their own structure such as office complex, mansion, estate, and the like.

Tourism, with Travel Trade, Marketing Option

We provide professional assistance to ensure issuance of VISA to countries like United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Turkey, UAE, Russia, Australia.

We have various holiday packages such as Lagos Tour, Obudu Cattle Ranch, Osun Festival, Olumo Rock Tour, and the like. We can design custom-made tourism services as wanted by any client.

We also provide tourism ancillary services such cargo delivery, airport drop-off and pick-up services.

Investment Marketing Option

We are open to anyone who is interested to invest in real estate, and we have various packages that fit different budget.

We are ready to partner with anyone who intends to investment in ever dynamic tourism industry; such investment can be transportation, restaurants, hotel facility, and the like.

There are people who want to start their own business but have issues with fundamentals; we are always available to guide and support,

We provide a wide range of education and development plans and a variety of experiences including serving overseas.

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